Tuesday, October 8, 2013

September 19th Storm

On Thursday September 19th we had a terrible storm here.  While it only lasted for about 10 minutes (I couldn't grab the video camera fast enough) it was a doozy! The wind got so fierce that we thought we might have to go into the basement so we woke up the littlest member of our family from her nap.  Now, just to be clear we are not the type of people that hunker down during storms.  Usually we are the two idiots who are taking pictures and standing in the yard getting drenched and looking at the pretty clouds.  Here are a few photos I got to snap during the storm and of the damage afterward.

This is looking out the garage toward the northeast.

Here is looking directly to the east.

Here is the little one ready to have her snack and play in the water!

We lost some branches, but we always do when we have a storm.

Lots of water in just a few minutes makes for small rivers in our yard.

Here is the oldest child being a pansy and not wanting to get wet.  As you can imagine she tried handing the umbrella off to me in about 5 minutes.

Here is some of the damage to the cattle shed out back.  Not that it was that spectacular in the first place but we kind of needed the roof.

My poor non-producing garden got hit with some of the flying tin.

My tomatoes got laid flat.  I just bent back the cages and they were back to growing and yet still not producing any red tomatoes.

Here is the littlest again playing in the puddles.  She was jumping and splashing until she saw the camera, then all she says is "cheese"

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