Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Really?! Really?!

As I am trying to decide which direction to take this blog I have been reading other blogs about farmer wives and their lifestyles.  Looking at other people's blogs I have to ask WTF!  I mean really? How in the hell are these people doing all these activities with kids?

One blog talked about making homemade granola bars and another showed gardening in egg shells.  It looks like something from Martha Stewart.  Now to be honest I was a little jealous, I would love to be able to make homemade snacks for my kids but who has the time?  I am lucky to get laundry done, feed baby A and not open a bottle of wine before the girls come home at 3:30pm.

How do women do this?  How do they have children, keep a house that doesn't look like a tornado just came thru and still have time for arts and crafts?  Not too mention keeping a happy marriage and being a farmer's wife.

I like reading the blogs but come on! Try to put something real online.  I want to read about other women who are bad at housework, feed their kids fast food every so often and still have a great life.  So that is where this blog is going to take you the reader, all 4 of you. LOL