Friday, December 14, 2012

Those flying rodents!

Living in the country we have to deal with all sorts of critters.  From the rabbits that eat my garden, the raccoons that use the shed for a delivery room, the skunk that gets in the garage and my least favorite, the pigeons.

We have a large machine shed that has overhead doors on each side to let in the light and the wind go thru when it is nice out.  The door on the south side has an electric door opener that sometimes decides not to work.  When that happens we have to get the loader out and my husband climbs in the bucket with a ladder to reach the opener.  This is as you would imagine, totally not something OSHA would approve of.  Usually the culprit is a birds nest in the chain.  So we place dryer sheets in there to keep them out.

On the other side of the shed is a large door but no opener, this has to be opened the old fashioned way with man power.  Well, this door has been broken for quite a while.  The pigeons discovered this and have taken full advantage of it!  We have tried spraying things into the nests, distroying the nests, and even scaring them out and shooting at them.  Which I have come to discover that Annie Oakley I am not!

There is only so much pigeon crap we can take!  There is nothing more irritating than washing off a piece of equipment and putting it away only to discover a few days later that the pigeons have used it for a toilet.

So finally we did the unthinkable! We called the guys! LOL We called a company to come out and fix the door! I know, I know, what is the world coming to when you have to call the guys? Now we just have to remember to chase the pigeons out before we close the door!