Sunday, November 4, 2012

Those long toothed pains in the butts!

This time of year is like Christmas to the outdoors men in the state of Iowa.  Bow season for deer has started and shotgun season is on the horizon.  Trapping season has also started, thank goodness!

Beavers seem to be taking over our creeks!  If you didn't know, beavers will go into the corn fields and demolish acres of corn stalks to use for building their dams.  My Dad traps and this is one of the photos he sent of a beaver dam in a creek in one of the fields.

It isn't that big now but it will get bigger and bigger as the beavers build and build.  This causes flooding in the field in the spring if these aren't destroyed and the beavers caught.  My dad set some traps and this is what he got this morning!

WOOO HOOO! One down, many more to go!