Thursday, November 7, 2013

This will give you a good chuckle

So, there is not much I get worked about.  OK, maybe I should list a few thing I do get upset about just for a disclaimer.  I don't like late people, the crinkling of a chip bag, people who talk on the phone when I am with them or people who think it is a piece of cake being a farmers wife who stays home. 

I think the one that gets me the most are people who don't take care of their kids.  I am not talking about food and stuff like that.  I mean the ones who don't make sure their kids have a coat on or if they haven't brushed their hair.  That kind of stuff.

Kara and I were finding a parking spot at Wal-Mart the other day when I see this young couple walking toward us.  I mean young, like high school young.  The girl was carrying a baby car seat and some sacks.  The guy was carrying the baby.  This looked like a very young baby.  The thing that upset me was that the baby didn't have a coat on.  I could see the arms and legs were exposed.  The couple was wearing hoodies cause it was only about 47 degrees outside.  I told Kara "see that baby, that baby needs a coat" I was getting aggravated at the lack of clothes the baby had on. 

As Kara and I continued to drive up the isle in the parking lot we got closer to the guy holding the baby and I realized that it was a fake baby.  They must have been in a parenting class and were made to carry around this fake baby.  Boy did I feel like an idiot then!

Kara sure thought my mistake was funny!