Sunday, June 2, 2013


I haven't posted on here for awhile.  Actually, it was most of the winter.  Winter is just so boring.  I know there are a lot of you that like to do winter activities such as skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing.  I do not like the cold! I hibernate in the winter, at least that is the excuse I use for that extra layer of insulation that I seem to always pack on! LOL

Well, it seems that Mother Nature is still in a fowl mood. Here it is June 2nd and it is only 54 degrees outside.  We have had some nice weather but really! WTH!

Here is one of my projects so far this spring.

This is what the south facing side of one of our sheds looked like.  This big bush in the middle made white flowers.  I am not sure what kind.  That stupid tree sprouted up last year and I think it got a hold of some steroids.  On boths side of the big bush I had Hydrangea bushes that died two years in a row.  So I cut it all off and took the chainsaw to the tree.

Clean slate to start from.  Except I had to dig up all the roots.  I got a couple dug up and realized that I know of an easier way to complete this task!

Backhoe to the rescue!  I got to run it for a little while but I think I made him nervous bring that close to the building. LOL

Here it is! My new lilac bush! It will be so pretty! I have to make another trip to the greenhouse to get more.  I am thinking at least two more.  The lilacs will look like this!

Hopefully, I can have beautiful flowers that make my yard smell wonderful next year!

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