Monday, August 20, 2012

WTH are my strawberries!!!!!

For my birthday my MIL got me two Hydrangea plants.  I guess I should mention that that is the same exact gift I got last year too! IDK what happened to them, they just died.  My MIL got me some stuff that you sprinkle on the soil so that they will bloom in color all year long.  Well the hubby put it on the soil for the plants but he used the whole 5lb bag.  We think it was a little too much. LOL

We have been getting no rain and I wanted to prove that I could take care of the new bushes that she got for me.  I have been watering them every other day and they are looking good.  I wanted to have large colorful blooms on them for years to come.

I also planted my usual flowers around the trees and they haven't taken off like they usually do.  It just isn't a good year.  I got two hanging bushes to put out front and they also died.  I planted some strawberries in a container because I didn't want them taking over my yard.  I had been watering them with all the other plants.  I was hopeful to see some strawberries soon.  The plants were green and I even had some blooms on them. 

So the girls and I have been away visiting family in Indiana for a week. I asked my MIL to water my flowers for me while I was gone because she is like Martha Stewart on steroids. I swear! She has the greenest thumb of anyone I know. She rocks!  She said she watered them like I asked and the bushes look good.  The strawberries on the other hand were terrible.  I forgot to tell her about them! They were looking very brown and at deaths doorstep!

The family and I were going out for supper the other night and as I pulled out of the garage I saw my strawberries just weren't bouncing back from being brown.  I had watered them and made sure they were getting enough sun.  I told the hubby about my plants and that I wasn't sure what to do about them.  He looked at me and said "Well, I may have gotten some Round-Up on them when I was spraying the yard last week."  LOL 

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