Friday, August 3, 2012

Don't call me and run down the EMS!

Earlier this morning my phone rang with a number from Bettendorf.  I usually don't answer my home phone if I don't know the number but I thought what the hell.  I answer and a recording with a gentle male voice started.  He told me that every year older persons are injured in accidents because of delayed response time of EMS services.  Some geriatric group is giving life alert away for free.  When you push the botton you will have a licensed EMT on the line to help you.

OK, I am an EMT on the local service for my area.  I take offense to the way this phone advertising made it sound like the EMTs just take their time getting to your house.  We don't sit at the station like in the bigger cities, we have to get dressed in the middle of the night, we have to drive to the station and then leave with proper equipment.  I am in total support of the elderly having life alert! It helps them have independence but also a piece of mind that someone will be there if they need help.  But don't try to sell your product by putting down the people that volunteer their time to help their community! 

It takes a lot of time to be a volunteer EMT or Fire Fighter.  There is a mandatory number of training hours to be done.  Monthly training meetings at the station, monthly business meetings at the stations, bi-monthly county meetings and annual conventions that while they are not mandatory are a great way to keep up on ever changing regulations.  Every two years CPR has to be renewed and the professional licensed has to be renewed.

EMS services put a lot of time and effort into providing their services.  What is an EMT on the phone going to do? Tell you to get up if you fall? How is that going to help you?

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  1. OMG.... people have no clue do they? WOW! I'm assuming you refrained from donating?! :)