Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Best Snot Sucker!

After recently having a new baby I am impressed by all the new gadgets that are available for new mothers.  I am going to start a baby gadget series and fill you in on all the new stuff available.  The first one is the NoseFrida from a company called Fridababy.  This health appliance is very unusual and it does looks kind of gross but it works so much better than a bulb suction syringe.

You can purchase the NoseFrida at Target, Amazon or online.  When purchasing the NoseFrida it comes with extra filters so you can change them out after every illness.  I know it looks gross but it is nice to be able to apply as much suction as needed to clean out the babies little noses.

When using the NoseFrida one part goes into your mouth and is connected to a plastic piece with a filter.  The larger piece clicks in around the filter and the end of that is placed in the babies nostril to suction out the mucus.  It is kind of like a large straw with a filter in the middle.

The blue filter can be changed and you can purchase replacement filter separately.  The whole setup usually runs around $16.00 plus shipping if you purchase it online.

Keep your eyes peeled for more baby gadget reviews coming soon!

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