Monday, June 18, 2012

Special Delivery

As I walked out to the mailbox today I discovered that I had actually gotten some personal mail!  My niece, my sisters and my mother had all sent me cards in the mail.  Of course it was my birthday recently so that would account for the cards from everyone.  I was so excited to see the large pink envelopes piled amongst all the bills and the credit card offers.  Then to put icing on the cake there were boxes in the mail too! Two of them for my 6 year old from my sister and my mother.  She was just as excited seeing those boxes as she was coming down the stairs Christmas morning.  She couldn't believe that she got mail!  As she opened her boxes she exclaimed at all the goodies inside.  She got activity books and cool patterned socks from Grandma and an bright pink outfit from her Aunt.  Inside one of the boxes was two cars that were also rattles for my other daughter who is 1.  She was just as excited as the rest of us. 

As my oldest was getting ready to tear into the activity books with her pencil in hand I made her stop and write thank you notes before she could play with anything that she had gotten.  I know that when she gets older she will probably not do thank you cards on her own but then I can do as my mother does when I lax in sending a letter back and casually include in the conversation "I wasn't sure if she had gotten my package because I didn't hear anything back" and then give a nice weighted pause. Ha ha!

I saved opening my cards until things had quieted down in the house and I could take my time reading them.  Yes, I actually read the cards someone sends me.  I figure that if they take the time to find the right one in the store the least I can do is actually read it.  As I got done reading the enclosed letter from my mother I thought about the last time I got this excited about an email or a post on Facebook and I couldn't remember any electronic communication that gave me as much satisfation as those cards did.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday. I suck. Yay for happy mail for the kids and for you as well. I still do really love an "old-fashioned" hand-written snail mail letter.